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Selecting the Right Blood Pressure Monitor and Reason Why You Need the Best One

Whether you have a high or low blood pressure, both conditions are dangerous and need frequent monitoring to be controlled. The essence of blood pressure monitoring is to know whether the blood pressure is normal and stable or it is deviating from the normal and needs stabilization. If your blood pressure is not stable, you should make a habit of checking it on a daily basis with morning and evening intervals. You should do the checking when your body is relaxed and your arm still. It is crucial that you monitor your blood pressure strictly according the directions that the doctor gave you and note the date, time and readings. The important information that you must record are the date, time and reading but this process can be simplified if you are using an automatic blood pressure monitor. The right blood pressure monitor for is that which meets your requirements, and not all of them are appropriate for your situation. They have different sizes of cuffs, and if the monitor that you are using does not fit you well, then you will get wrong readings. The right size should fit your arms, but in most cases, a standard size will do for many people. If you cannot determine your right size, your medical consultant can help you.

An aneroid monitor is one of the blood pressure monitoring devices that is commonly used. The main advantage of using this kind of monitor is that it is easy to handle and carry because it is not bulky. It stethoscope allows you to hear the heartbeat rate. Squeezing the rubber bulb enables the expansion of the cuff to fit your arm and take the measurement. You can take the readings of your blood pressure by looking at the meter.

Another alternative would be the digital monitor. Many people use this type of monitor because it does not involve lots of procedures like the rest. The reading for the blood pressure is shown in figures. Some advanced digital monitors can go further to print out the reading on paper. However, you must avoid even the slightest movement because that can affect the heart rate which leads to wrong blood pressure readings.

Accurate blood pressure reading determines the best medication to control the condition, and wrong readings can be quite misleading. Some monitors might have erroneous readings, and you might be using them without knowing, and thus, it is advisable to take your monitor to a medical technician to confirm its accuracy before you start using it. Do not take blood pressure reading after a workout session when your heart is pounding and blood fast flowing. Keep away from lifestyles that can aggravate the condition such as smoking, overindulgence in alcohol and eating particular foods.

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