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Creating Custom Baseball Trading Pins

If you are a baseball player or simply a baseball fan, baseball trading pins will be a great part of your sports culture. It is not only professionally designed baseball pins for the big teams are popular but even the local or Little League baseball trading pins have the same kind of popularity. If you want to create a baseball trading pin for your child’s Little League team, you will not know how to go about doing it. So how do you create a baseball trading pin which will attract the attention like the popular baseball pins of the big boys?

The good news is that there are companies today that produce trading pins and they provide free artists and designers to work with you and ensure that you will have a quality piece of work that you can confidently trade with anybody. But, you will have to be active in the work in order to make sure that the pins come out exactly as you want them.

First you will need to decide on the color that you want your pin to have and then you also need a clear photo or image of your team’s mascot or logo that you want to use in your pins. After design and color, there are still other things to consider before the pins are made.

One thing to decide on is how big or how small the pin would be. There is no standard size for a baseball pin and you can have one as small or as big as you want. Usually baseball pins come between one and three fourths inches to two inches across.

Decide, next on the finish. You can have a classic cloisonn? finish, soft enamel, photo etching, or a simple silk screen. The look of your pin will change depending on the finish and it will also affect its price. if you want to give your baseball trading pin a unique look then you can put add-ons like glittery colors, bobble heads, hangers, and others. These add-one not only make them unique but they make it also look more collectible than most other trading pins.

The real fun in having baseball pins is the part where you trade them with your friends so that you can get something that none of your friends have. Putting the baseball pin on your clothing is one way of using these pins and old and young people alike, baseball players, baseball fans or simple collectors do this. You can wear your baseball pin with your sports uniform, warm-up jacket or baseball caps. If you create a baseball pin that is as unique as possible then you will have made an extremely collectible pin that everyone would like to have. If you want your pin worn for a long time, make it look like a classic.

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