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Four Considerations When Selecting a Cell Tower Construction Site

You have seen some properties have cell towers and perhaps you are wondering what makes such properties suitable for placement of cell towers. For a property to qualify for cell tower placement, it must be within the search ring. Not all lands that are at highest points are suitable for this undertaking. Firstly, the land should be in a designated area commonly known as search ring and it should have a substantial number of people and the prevail policies and regulations of the local authority allow for construction of cell towers in the area. Suppose your property is within the search area, then there are further considerations that the cell tower company must look into before deciding to invest lots of money on the project. Your land should meet the following conditions.

Adequate available vacant land – The land should meet the size requirements for the cell tower company. Apart from that, the size of the land is vital as the tower covers a considerable space. In most cases, the cell tower companies consider 1000 square feet land appropriate. It is only in exceptional situations that the companies would use an area of land below 1000 square feet because they usually make an allowance for subtenants.

Cost of construction – Just like any other business entity, cell tower companies would want to minimize their construction costs and thus, they would prefer a land that would facilitate easy and cheap construction. Every business tries to minimize costs of operation and cell tower companies are no exception to this. Construction expenses might be affected by accessibility of the land, property being situated in a flood area, dense tree coverage and other environmental factors.

Accessibility of the cell tower site – A suitable cell tower location should be easily accessible whenever the cell tower company wants to reach the site. Therefore, the site should be close to a road so that there is no difficulty in reaching the site. In the circumstances when the site is not reachable by public road, then the company will have to construct a road to the property and that would significant increase their costs.

Topography – Many people think that having a property at the highest point of the region puts them in a good position for placement of cell towers. The highest point should be within the search ring and it should be easily reachable and it should have low construction cost. If the highest point does not meet the selection criterion then the cell tower company can pick a different point and adjust the height of the tower.

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